Pearls Of Resilience,Inc

Restoring broken hearted women into the unbreakable Pearls of Resilience they were born to be

Tameka Palmer was born in Macon,Ga and raised in a single family home with her mother and older brother. She was in her late teens when she had her first child. By her early twenties, she was the proud mother of three children. Being the nurturing mother of three beautiful children planted a seed in her of wanting to become a caregiver & help others.


In 2008, she became a Licensed Practical Nurse in which her passion to help others deepened. 

Though being a LPN motivated her, she still lack the fulfillment that she thought it will bring. The internal whirlwind of memories that once laid dormant inside of her began to resurface. The memories derived from a past dysfunctional relationship that was filled with years of physical, mental, and emotional anguish. Tameka began to realize that her purpose was stemming from her testimony that very few people knew about. Her desire to help other battered women rebuild what was wrongfully taken from them had returned & this time she was determined to follow her heart.


Tameka is now the CEO of ZJK Prosperous Group, Inc.  An organization that founded Pearls of Resilience; A Battered Women Advocacy Foundation for battered women and the strong sister survivors that were able to safely remove themselves from their toxic relationship. Being a woman that's motivated by her love for helping others and  succeeding, she strives to be a successful and outstanding entrepreneur in today's society. Her belief in Christ keeps her grounded as her mission to break the silence of Domestic Violence advances.